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Tips for House Shifting in Dubai

House shifting in Dubai is a little challenging due to its multistep process. To move to a new house in Dubai, one needs a moving permit and proper arrangements to shift things. However, with the right plan, everything is simple, from house shifting to settling it. Just make sure to read down the tips for house shifting properly.

Though shifting is hectic, Dubai’s growing real estate market enables its residents to move to their preferred houses. So in Dubai, you get the chance many times to set up your dream home even though failing many times before. But only with the proper plan and some wise tips you can make it yourself. 

To help you to move to a new home, we very considerably prepared a list of tips for house shifting in Dubai. Go through the list below and pack yourself up finely for the shifting. Here we go-

Plan everything beforehand

The first and foremost thing in the entire shifting process is to plan everything in advance. And this includes arrangements of everything, from utility services and paperwork to shifting. Set the timing about what you will be doing when not to finish being messed up. 

Get in touch with the companies who will be providing you their services and discuss budget costs and the timing of the work. Planning all these will help you to get an estimated idea about the spending amount and time.

Check permits about Move-in/ Move-out 

To avoid any kind of legal troubles, check whether you need a permit to move in or move out or not, as many house owners ask for it. So, set up every paper you need for the moving process prior to your shifting day. 

The paperwork process can differ. For example, you may need to fill Move-in/Move-out form with the tenancy contract, passport, visa, settlement proof, and service fees. In some cases, the moving company’s details are also required while shifting.

Figure out what to take

Figure out what you need the most and what not. This will help you get the essentials right after moving and eliminate the unwanted. Make a list of the required things, from your furniture to your phone charger and other necessary materials. 

Planning and making a list helps to pack things in proper arrangements. Plus, you can get rid of unnecessary objects while leaving and have more space in your new house.

Look for professional services

Hiring professionals, be it movers or for other technical works, is always a good decision as they are well capable. Plus, professional movers give insurance for their services and care for everything related to shifting. They provide all sorts of shifting-related services, packing, transporting, and even decorating. 

In Dubai, there are many moving companies to help you with house shifting. Hiring such professional services won’t have to spend on cardboard boxes or anything else. Within their service charge, they will handle everything.

Check the utilities before moving

Before moving to your new house, check whether the utilities are working or not. Suppose you shift to the new home and find out the AC or shower is not working correctly; nothing could be worse than that, right! Therefore it is always safe and secure to check the utilities beforehand to get everything in order. 

Also, connect with the internet provider and technicians in advance to set up your electronic equipments. 


Before shifting, make sure you check your every necessary object properly to not miss out on anything. And then let your moving company take care of the whole shifting process. The shifting process is not that tough if you take every step cautiously with proper measure. Follow the tips for house shifting in Dubai properly.


Q. Are house prices cheap in Dubai?

Ans: Compared to other fast growing cities of the world houses in Dubai are cheaper. In Duabi, the real estate market offers cheap houses as well along with high-priced houses.

Q. What is cheaper in Dubai, house renting or buying?

Ans: Buying cheap properties while you get the opportunity is far better than paying rent for years. If you own a home, you can get a good value for it in the future. And no matter how long you rent a house, it will not result in ownership or investment. If you think thoroughly, for a long stay in Dubai, buying costs you less with definite profit for a long stay in Dubai than renting.

Q. How to do house shifting in Dubai?

Ans: To shift house in Dubai, you should- take a permit to move in and move out from your landlords and hire a moving company for the shifting process.

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